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Church Clothes

Come as you are.

We are normal, regular people who love Jesus.  We all come wearing a variety of looks, personalities, experiences and perspectives.  We recommend that you come wearing what makes you feel comfortable while meeting new friends.  God can see you right now and He doesn’t require a particular dress code, just an open heart.

First Service 9AM

Second Service 10:15AM


Come be our guest.  We will greet you at the door and we want to know your name.  After being seated, you may be asked if you would like to receive more information about our church.   

Our church is small and we are friendly.  You will probably make several new friends before the service begins.  We have placed “welcome” cards on our seats to help you get connected to our free wifi.  

We love to worship together!

English & ASL

We worship together by lifting our voices to the Lord.  We worship in ASL (Second Service) by lifting our hands to the Lord.  Each of us has our own unique, personal way of expressing our love for the lord.  Although we do not pass an offering plate, we encourage giving as an act of worship.  During the service and throughout the week, we give online and in our NLB Church app.  We are less concerned with how we worship and more focused on offering our hearts to Jesus.

Coffee Break...

We value building genuine relationships with each other.  This is so important, that we stop and have coffee together every Sunday from 10:15 until 10:45.  If you come to our first service, we hope you will stay and have coffee with us.  If you come to our second service, we ask you to come at 10:15 so we can share coffee with you before the service begins.  We serve great coffee!  But, even if you don’t like coffee, we trust that you will be blessed by this time of connecting with others.

We love kids!

We have members of all ages and we have lots of kids!  We love our kids and our kids love church.  We have a unique approach to kids ministry on Sunday mornings.  Our kids in 1st through 5th grade meet for God’s Kids at 10:15 (a time of Bible teaching, encouragement and prayer).  They even get through own version of a coffee break.  Our kids in pre-school through kindergarten meet for a time of games, songs and teaching (during our first and second service).  We also offer interactive kids bulletins for those remaining in the service.

We value God's word.

Keeping first things first

We believe in the importance and power of Scripture.  We are not interested in entertainment or wasting our time with fluff.  Our messages are Bible focused and it is our goal to encourage and challenge one another by hearing and discussing God’s, life giving word.  

See you Sunday