About New Life Believers

We are a Brethren In Christ Church located in Williamsport, MD.  Our church opened September 8, 2019.  We are a growing community of people who value connecting with one another and with Jesus.  We strongly believe personal growth is found within community.  We are also passionate about serving together in the church community and around the world.

We are a multigenerational, family focused community.  We believe it is important to bring generations together in worship, connecting with one another and growing together.  We also believe in the importance of making God’s word accessible to everyone.  We offer worship in English and ASL.  

We believe God calls the church to continue the ministry of Jesus in our world and we believe we are all called to participate in this ministry.  We are Christ focused and mission minded.  We have experienced new life through salvation in Jesus and it is our desire to lead others to Jesus.

We invite you to investigate our beliefs, plan a visit and get to know New Life Believers.