This is a wonderful woman I meet during our foster care years.  This is what another foster mom wrote about the situation.. She was the sweetest person on this planet and one of a kind. She put everyone before herself. She loved others fiercely, especially her husband and children. They fostered countless children over the years and loved each one without reservation. Forever making an impact beyond what anyone can imagine. She fought for the kids, whether it was getting them out of bad situations or helping the parents with a hand up so they could be what their kids needed. She and her husband adopted 7 children from foster care, and that to the wonderful son they already have and she leaves behind 8 beautiful children without a mother.
We have tried to make sense of this, but there is no way to do so. On Monday, April 11, Lindsey went to  the hospital to have her gall bladder removed, which should have been a routine surgery. During this laparoscopic procedure, they severed her iliac artery. They tried to control the bleeding with little success, and she was then flown to a higher level hospital to be cared for by vascular surgeons. They did multiple procedures to control the bleeding with no success. Lots of medications were given to try to keep her heart going and blood pressure up. Finally, on Thursday morning of 4/14 at 4:41 am, she went into multiple organ failure, her blood pressure dropped, her body was no longer able to fight, and she went to be home with Jesus.
Lindsey leaves behind a void that can never be filled. But, just as Lindsey loved everyone that was blessed to know her wholeheartedly and gave herself selflessly, we now hope to be able to rally behind and honor her memory by now supporting her husband and children through this heartbreaking time. Her husband Chris is an active duty military officer and they are currently stationed in MD but have effected those all over the country.
 Please pray for endurance for this amazing family who already deal with trauma to only have more thrown at them.  

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