Wow, thank you all sooooo much for praying! I had a scary moment tonight with breathing—so I am awake. I am so encouraged by everyone’s prayers. Am breathing steam now and just took inhaler and breathing is feeling more stable.

But your prayers and trusting God are the best medicine. Whatever our battle is/—/the battles inside ones are hard to fight like sickness and fears and emotions….but I smile when I think that God’s Holy Spirit is working inside of us all in the midst of our brokenness. We are not alone, our Savior is in control and He is at work. We are loved and cared for and watched over by the God who created all things And we have the sweet blessing of each other.

Your prayers tonight helped me turn my eyes from my breathing problems to our precious Jesus, hallelujah. Thanks everyone!

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  1. Katie, still praying. Thank your for sharing your faith. Such a wonderful and positive spiritual outlook.

  2. Praise the Lord!! I completely understand how your feeling was. God is same and gives His Grace to you. Awesome!! Remember God still is sovereignty and loves with you!!

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