Hello everyone! I miss you all! I am starting to hear one to others caught COVID-19 :/ I pray for the COVID-19 to slow down and end this worse wave during this time of year. All I know he has great plans for all of us and I know god will help us get through this hardship and receive more strength and faithful in you. We are waiting for the peace and going back to normal lifestyle. I know that we are grateful. Also a lot of other topics has been on war from politics. I ask god to help all of us to figured out how to confront this situation peacefully. I ask this world to be all United and justified! All we need is love and peace 💜 amen! 

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  1. Soooo great to hear from you Jackie!  We miss you lots!  Yes and amen on the prayers! Jesus is our safe place in the storm.  He takes care of us…peace and eyes on Him I pray for us all.

    Love to you and your family!  So excited for when we are all back together!

  2. Praying daily for all those affect by COVID, and that God will heal and bring our Nation back together, if it’s his will. 

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