Please pray for my friend Susan who sometimes attends our church. She is on day two of a three day string of work days in the CoVid ICU of a hospital.
She requested prayer for Lea and Dalia, two patients close to death. Please also pray for her strength and protection as she works directly with extremely ill CoVid Patients. Doctor/Nurse moral in the ICU is low as well due to the very high death rates among the very sick.

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  1. This is an update from Susan on things in the Covid unit:
    “ Last night I had the privilege of going into the covid ICU again! God has blessed me with the ability to love on people in this time of social distancing !!! This virus is real and we have lost many young and old alike!
    But last night I found out one of the two patients thatI have grown so close to was being transferred out. I thank God for her daughters who now know that they too impacted other patients in the ICU with the simple idea of FaceTiming their mom in the unit. Allowing others whose loved ones were there to do the same and virtually visit.
    Many of you have been praying for Mrs. Lee and Benedito and both of them are doing so well, thank you for your prayers!! Mrs. Lee’s daughter has allowed me to talk about her journey. Last night her daughter was telling me where she is going for the next step in her journey! She is going to Good Shepherd in Bethlehem, Pa. I am anxiously awaiting what blessings God has for her and her family there!Thanks for your prayers and I am praising God for watching over her and Benedito and ask that He would continue during her long haul in rehab where she will have to be weaned off the ventilator and gain strength to sit on her own and eventually stand and walk! To God be the glory!!!”

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