Good morning brothers and sisters,
I request you to pray for my family from God’s protection. They have been taunting to me because I have been working on front and back yards all time. My one neighbor, Teays family sued to me… I wait to hear criminal date at the court. My base was self defense. Pray to the Lord for his control in the court.
My neighbors are watching and attack to me all time while I was cool and ignored with them. They have been rejecting with my daughter, Mady to play with their kids. It was hard on her. Now she has used and focuses on the positive. We have been trying my best to keep with Mady busy…. hiking or biking or find to play with her friends from school or my good friends. It isn’t easy… We try my best for her.
I request you not to ask to Mady about the problems with my neighbors. Please respect, thanks. My main reason is you to pray for my family plus Mady, thanks.

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  1. So sorry to hear Ken. Praying that you and your family will have peace and that all involved will come to a peaceful resolution.

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