Hi church family ❤️,
You know how there are those “lucky” (sarcasm😉) people who Covid hits unusually hard?  Well I didn’t expect to be one of those people but God knew and He is right here with me on this journey.  Because of the early medical care God provided, I’ve been able to share with you the praise last week that I did not get Covid pneumonia!  

However this week has been very difficult with breathing and the doctor told me that I have plugging in the deep parts of my lungs which is giving me a lot trouble breathing that is from inflammation and Covid complications beyond a normal asthma.

I have been blessed with frequent doctors appointments virtually and breathing treatments around the clock as well as some other things that have kept me out of the hospital.  That and pretty much bed rest….

I have Story upon story that I can’t wait to share with you about how God has given me peace and truth even in the scary times and how he has provided encouragement and help and medicine just as I have needed it in my struggle to breathe and get enough oxygen.

He’s truly bigger and stronger then Covid even if it gets bad.  

I did want to update you all because this journey has been very up-and-down for me and I’m still very much touch and go.

Joe and I have learned a lot about early treatment and things that anyone can do at home if they get the virus. when they first get it. so if for some reason you get it reach out to us and there’s some really simple over-the-counter things and tips on how to rest, hydrate, vitimin, etc that we could give you That will help you fight it.

Thank you for your continued prayers and my heart aches for those like Melody’s dad who are in the hospital.  let’s keep lifting them up our God is able!!!

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  1. Katie, praying God will grant you peace and healing. Thank you for sharing your courage and faith. 

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