Asking for prayer to help keep my mind & spirit working and searching towards his will, our God and his son Jesus. I feel like I’m not spiritually intact at this time, I feel distanced from God. I’ve been so discouraged and separated from God throughout this pandemic and feel spiritually empty. To put it bluntly, I’m overwhelmed with worry about my job, finances, my kids, and who I am at this time. I can’t even put a prayer together without feeling lost.

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  1. Praying for you! He knows each and every thought. Lift up your hands and give it all to Him. Surrender your all to Him! We naturally want to try to fix everything and it is exhausting. Lift your eyes up to Him and I agree with Katie… shout, “HELP!” That’s all you have to do. We love you, sister in Christ!

  2. Sheri-so great to hear from you. Thanks for your beautiful honesty. God is near to the broken hearted and binds up our wounds. He is at work right now even though you can’t see it. Crying out to Him for you. You are His. And you are precious to Him. I pray you keep praying honest, broken prayers. Sometimes It’s all we can do to just cry out to Him for help. Even if it’s just a “HELPPPP!!!!!” You are not alone. We love you and are standing with you. Let us know if you need anything. We are your church family. And we are all a mess in our own ways…but we are His.

  3. Let you know I feel like your struggles and feel distance to God. Satan loves to throw junk words to your mind and my mind. God still loves you are plus give His grace to you!! Don’t fight with battle and let surrender to the Lord and praise the Lord!!! Don’t be perfect as mr holy, ha!! Let His pouring love to you so you might receive His love in your heart!! It will leads you to express to the Lord. Love you!!!

  4. Sheri, praying God will give you peace and comfort. I am praying God will give you the reassurance you need.

  5. Praying for you. Keep leaning into God. Draw near to him and he will Draw near to you. The Bible tells us also that the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf when we don’t know what to pray. Be honest with God tell him how you are feeling. He will meet you right where you are. I know when I have had what felt like dry seasons it was God pulling me closer to himself. Know that you have a church family that cares for you and is here if you need anything!! Also I would encourage you to read Philippians 4 God sees you and longs for you to lay your worry, your finances, your kids, and your life before the foot of his cross in surrender. Love you and will be praying.

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