Please pray for me as I have two Drs appts tomorrow trying to find answers to a health issue I’ve been dealing with for a while.  My van broke down at church this evening and I’m praying it can be fixed easily and quickly.  Also, my mom has a lot of stress managing my Dad’s rental properties since he died.  Please pray that a buyer at a fair price will come forward soon.  There are two currently interested.  I’m sorry this is so long but I also feel a burden for those who have lost family due to covid.  Experiencing it personally, I know that there is a lot of trauma that the families are left to deal with.  Thank you for this opportunity to share our prayer needs.  I love our church family ❤️

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  1. Melody, many needs, I am praying over all of them right now. Praying God will strengthen you, meet your needs and give you peace.

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