First, I would like to say praise God for answering the prayer requests for my friend Kallan and her husband Andrew. Andrew feels that God is telling him to quit his job and they’re glad they could both be together and they’re also praying that God would show them what he has next for them. Also, praise God that Sarah found housing very quickly. Please keep her in prayer that God will protect her and that she will come to know Him more. Praise God that the doctors were able to diagnose Hunter, Lisa’s grandson. Please pray for him that any symptoms from Lyme’s disease go away. Please pray for all the teachers, students and staff as we are going back to school. Please pray for a nagging pain in my left side to go away. Please pray that I won’t have fear and that I will trust God. I really wanted to call my mom about being in pain but I felt like God was telling me to put it on the prayer wall first. Thank you church family for your prayers. God is good and God is answering prayers! Amen! Love, Melody

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