Please pray for Cindy Lougheed. She is Pastor Blaine’s wife. They’re from Hollowell BIC  She collapsed in the kitchen this morning and was taken to Chambersburg Hospital by ambulance. They’re running scans and tests now. She can move her limbs, see and hear, but is non verbal and unable to answer questions. 

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  1. More details from pastor Blaine, 6/8/21:
     Cindy has had a very good day. I will give you points rather than extensive sentences: 
    •    Seems to know who I am most of the time, possibly all of the time
    •    Has been able to communicate random sentences – i.e. “I hope they let us go home tomorrow.”    “You should go home and come back after supper.”   – having said that, these are the exception, almost anomalies, rather than the normal or usual
    •    She has shown the ability to repeat after me very clearly – “Jacob, Josiah, Caleb, Hannah”  …  you try. And she says it perfectly. When I ask who they are, she is not able to respond but I am pretty sure she knows.  “Benny, Elizabeth, Belle” … you try. And she does perfectly. But she does not know who they are. 
    •    Does not recognize pictures of the grandkids or know who they are
    •    Yet, when I ask her what the name of the dogs are, she quickly responds, “Tanner and Teagan”
    •    She is watching HGTV and I believe she is understanding it (at times better than most men do)
    •    She has been able to eat without difficulty – it was a slow start yesterday when she tried to use a knife as a fork but she has not had that problem again after correction
    •    She has excellent motor skills
    •    Problems continue to be comprehension and communication
    •    Becka Beard came in to say hello and Cindy immediately recognized her and was happy to have her there

    The neurologist continues to believe that the issue creating the stroke stems from a hole in the heart, which must be addressed. We had an echo cardiogram today but have not received the results. The pulmonologist would like a deeper more invasive (surgical) test but Caleb and Meghan Horst (Kelsey’s sister) really want them to wait for six weeks to do that. 

    The neurologist confirmed yesterday that it was a significant strike (not catastrophic and not small) that has had a dramatic impact on the upper left frontal lobe of the brain, significantly at the front which controls communication, and then into the middle, impacting comprehension. 

    Is she doing better today. Yes, much better. She is sitting up in a chair for short stints. She is eating. Is she frustrated? Confused? Absolutely. Does she know her name, mine, where she is, why she is there, what year it is, etc.  No. Not at all. Unless the Lord intervenes quite dramatically, and I believe He will, it will be a very long road to recovery.

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