The App for New Life Believers Brethren in Christ church known as NLB Church app does not collect or disseminate any type of personal information.

The app does display content from the following websites: https:\\ and https:\\  The material from https:\\ is from the channel for New Life Believers Brethren in Christ Church.  The direct link for the channel is:

The app does provide the ability to login and post requests to a prayer wall.  The prayer wall is hosted at:  The prayer wall does require a username and password.  Anything that is posted on the prayer wall is visible to anyone else with a login. 

The only information displayed in the app is the version of the app and the version of the operating system that the app is installed on.  This information is not transmitted to New Life Believers.  It is intended only to be used for diagnostic purposes in the event of an issue with the app. 

The connect form is completely voluntary. The user of the app enters the information voluntarily. The information may be used by the church to contact the user of the app.

The prayer form is completely voluntary. If it is filled out, the information will be shared with the pastor. The request will not be posted on the above mentioned prayer wall unless requested to do so.