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Prayer List

  • Pray for those who are experiencing loss and those who need healing.
  • Please pray for my grandma, Evelyn. She is 93 and in heart failure. Family is coming from out town. Please pray for peace and comfort for her and also for my grandpa, Arnold who is in the same nursing home as well.
  • Please pray for restoration in a relationship
  • Please pray for me as today and tomorrow are two of my busiest days of the school year with leading a whole school music assembly and the next day a concert. Please pray that all goes well, and that classroom management goes well during these last weeks of school.
  • Please pray for Eugene “Gene” Diller as he has been suffering with back pain for over five weeks now. He will be seeing a spine specialist April 18th to hopefully determine the cause and the cure. Gene is the lead singer for a local gospel group “Daystar Vocals”. Pray that Satan will not use this tactic to keep Gene from serving the Lord with music, and that God will intervene accordingly. Thank you.

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